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Special Oils and Fats

Water Drops

Vegetable Oils

  • RBD Coconut Oil

  • RBD Corn Oil

  • RBD Palm Oil

  • RBD Palm Olein

  • RBD Palm Olein Double Frac

  • RBD Soyabean Oil

  • Canola Oil

Special Oils

  • Chiffon Oil

  • Liquid Shortening

  • Noodle Frying Oil

  • Pop Corn Oil

  • Blended Vegetable Oils

Frying Fats

  • Frying Fat for Baking and cooking applications

  • Doughnut Frying Fat

  • All Purpose Frying Fat


  • Choco Mix

  • Choco Fat


  • Shortening for baking and cooking applications

  • Shortening for Biscuit and cookies applications

  • Shortening for Creaming and filling applications

Butter and Margarine

(For Baking and Cooking)

  • Refrigerated Margarine (Salted Butter Profile)

  • Refrigerated Margarine (UnSalted Butter Profile)

  • Non Refrigerated Margarine for Biscuit

  • Non Refrigerated Margarine for Baking and Cooking Applications

  • Dough Margarine

Ice Cream Fats

Butter Oil Substitutes

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